Just up the stairs and through your terraced garden is truly one of the best values in the area right now.  FOUR true bedrooms plus a home office den space for $375,000! The benefits of this home are plentiful. The home is perched on the second green of the Montclair Country Club and is nestled in the treeline.  We like to think of it as “the eagles nest”! There is room to spread your wings in this home with a lower level family room that centers around a fireplace and sunlit front windows. Imagine cozy evenings by the fire after all the bedtime routines are behind you. Guests will enjoy their privacy too! The fourth bedroom is on the lower level and has a lovely window looking out onto the garden and is adjoined by a FULL bath. There is just so much to love about this home.  We think as you trot back down the stairs to your car, you will be already thinking about your offer and decorating YOUR new home in your mind.

Just check out this fun video tour!

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