The Honorable Service Realty group has started to implement a new tool and we are crazy about it! Collaborating with multiple team members sometimes remotely or out in the field can be challenging.  Who’s taking care of what tasks? When is the deadline? What is available? and on and on.  But Trello isn’t just something helpful for nerdy Real Estate Agents, it’s a helpful tool for just about every aspect of your life. Trello suggests planning weddings, meal plans, vacation plans, to do lists of all types, renovations, and really any project or plan with multiple steps.  It incorporates checklists too, which we really use a lot at Honorable Service Realty.  Whether on the desktop or on your mobile, Trello is there for you to help keep you organized and way more effective in your planning of your projects. 

We are still learning how to use it best. Have you incorporated Trello into your home or office? What are the ways in which you are using it? How has it made you more successful in your life? We’ll be sure to share our findings with you too!  Check out their “101” video below to get an overview of the application. 

Trello 101 | Getting Started with Trello